Medical Device

Medical Device

Min Aik Medical provides a comprehensive range of services for medical devices in accordance with ISO 13485 and GMP/QMS (Quality Management System).

  • MD OEM

  • MD ODM

  • Plastic Injection Part

  • Semi-Assy

  • Electrical MD


As OEM we provide the service as below process and capability.

  • Assemble

  • Testing

  • Package

  • EO Sterilization

Syringe for safe central venous catheterization

Plastic Injection Parts

Minimally Invasive Surgery MD

Optical MD

Treatment Of Atrial Fibrillation MD

Blood and Medication Infusion System


Baby Deliver MD

Optical Stand

Urine Bag

Electrical MD

Drug compounding system device

More accurate, safer and more efficiency.


  • Maintain drug sterility with closed system transfer device.

  • Automated workflow with Barcode scanning system or HIS integration system.

  • Using AOI system to check the compounding process.

  • Automated record the compounding process data into PDF file for traceability.

  • Minimizes exposure to hazardous drugs.

  • Minimizes repetitive motion cause working injury.

  • According to the requirements of the USP GC 800.