Technical Services

We have flexible operation management and global logistics planning, provide changes to customer production requirements.

With a network of global manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia and Taiwan, Min Aik delivers low cost, high volume assembly solutions for various customers. We always follow customers' step and grow up with customers as a solid ODM/OEM partners.
Manufacturing site in Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • Production environment advantages: General clean room, Medical clean room, HDD clean room. ESD assembly line, ESD clean room.
  • Injection molding advantages: central feeding equipment, rapid mold change equipment, circular economy automatic powder recovery system, automatic LASER cutting entry equipment, double-material machine, automated production equipment AOI detection function, CO2 mold cleaning.
  • Smart monitoring system: PQM system. In-mold monitoring system.
Manufacturing site in Malacca, Malaysia
  • Stamping
  • Surface Treatment
  • Gasket Plotting (FIPG)
  • Plastic Injection
  • Customized Automatic Assembly.
  • Automated Production Line
  • Customized Design & Fully Fabricate in-House
  • DI AQ Cleaning
  • Adhesive Die Cut
  • New Clean Room S3 portion
  • Cleanroom Real time Monitoring
  • Smart Manufacturing System – Monitoring Pad
Manufacturing site in Suzhou, China
  • SMT & X-Ray Detection
  • External Hard Drive Assembly
  • Laser Carving
  • EHDD Production Status Real-Time Dashboard
  • Function Test
  • Optical Product Production
  • Class 10,000 Clean Room
  • ACA Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard
  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Professional Quality Inspection
  • Reliability Test Lab
  • Intelligent Warehousing