Company Profile

About Min Aik
Your strategic manufacturing partner for components and turnkey products

Min Aik was incorporated in 1979 as an international purchasing office for large corporations.
In 1994, we started the manufacturing of ultra-clean, precision components for the hard disk drive industry.
Min Aik has evolved into a valuable manufacturing partner to international renowned companies with vertically integrated capabilities capable of high volume turnkey assembly of OEM/ODM products competitively and time to market.


Core value of the enterprise

Effective organizational structure and implementation
  • Organization flattening
  • Fast decision making
  • Target Top-down
  • Execution  Bottom-up
Encourage innovative thinking
  • Operational process
  • Thinking mode
  • Execution method
Creating differences with competitors
  • product diversification
  • Fast decision making
  • Improve vertical integration capabilities
  • Establish corporate reputation
The intention to expand new markets and new products
  • Continue to enter new areas with existing cores and new technologies
Core  Competency
  • Rooting of the current technology
  • Discovery and acquisition of new technical talents
Global operation capability
  • Lower cost
  • Close to customers
  • Real-time response