Environmental Protection

Environment protection
We take environment protection as an important issue:

       MinAik knows that climate change is caused by greenhouse gas which produced by human activity and overuse for resource. And it may affect the ecological environment. Therefore, as a member of Citizen of the Earth,we take environment protection as duty and obligation.。

Greenhouse Gas

       Minaik follows ISO 14064 to build standard for greenhouse gas inventory. We inventory the emission for greenhouse gas. The following table shows the result of greenhouse gas emission for Minaik:




      In order to practice energy saving, we use power saving fluorescent tube and put power saving label beside switch to achieve the power saving target. In addition, we put the water saving label next to the faucet to keep good water using habit. We also keep our equipment for good maintenance. The following table shows the statistical results for our electricity and water consumption:


Low Voltage( KWh)


High Voltage( MWh)


Water consumption(metric tonne)


non-hazardous waste(metric tonne)


hazardous Waste(metric tonne)