Technical Services

  • Design Engineering Planning
3D CAD/CAM Design System Tooling design module , components build in and customize program,
2D/3D components data base. CAE & CAM two-way interface connection.
Mold Flow Analysis       Utilize the analysis software to predict the problem upfront then solve in the beginning, in order to shorter the tooling lead time.
Reverse Engineering System ◆ Finish Good: Rapid surface creation>arc surface construction> solid configuration> Synchronize build up
◆ Compensate: Scanning > mirror> rapid arc surface>compensate and covert to core/insert

  • Min Aik focuses on mold-related technology research and development, pays attention to product precision, has rapid mold design, manufacturing and maintenance capabilities, so that each process is completed in house, using computer-aided software to improve production, reduce the number of mold trials, and shorten the mold Development cycle to reduce mold manufacturing costs. Processing machine:
          Mitsubishi EDM:
               High precision / high speed / low consumption processing
               Pitch / shape accuracy +-0.003mm
               Surface roughness Ra 0.8μm

Product introduction (mold, mold parts, fixtures)
  • Specialized in molds, machining parts, fixture development
Multiple sliced insert Hard disk high precision embedded component’s sliced insert
Various shape mold machining
Various shape mold machining Lens module High-precision fixture manufacturing Optical
High precision mold machining Automation used fixture
Product introduction (plastic injection product)
  • The parts is install in a hard disk (HDD) which is using a precision mold machining technology and a large amount of engineering technology to produce precision molded products for customers。
  • We provide process set up/Shipping tray, Optical/Medical and 3C industries。
Hard disk high precision insert molding component Hard disk component Hard disk component
Dual shot 3C product Medical dual shot kit Various product structure design
Automation used IM tray contact lens of PP blister
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